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Joyphul Noize is an online music magazine that covers good, positive music of many genres. Some have asked if Joyphul Noize is a magazine covering only “Christian” music, and the answer to that is, no. While we certainly cover artists who view their music as a ministry, that is not by any means the entire scope of the publication. We also cover those artists such as U2, or Creed, or King’s X who have members who are Christians, even if the music is not considered a ministry. We will, however, only cover those songs that present a good, positive Christian message. Our goal is to provide a magazine for people who enjoy listening to good music with a positive message, where they can connect with the artists they already enjoy, but in addition to that, can find artists new to them whom they will grow to love.


Who Are We?

The driving forces behind Joyphul Noize are Robert and Rick Buck, brothers who have been involved in various aspects of the music business since the 70s. They not only understand musicians, each having performed in various bands as well as solo, but they have a knowledge of most all genres of music. Robert was a minister for many years, as well as having worked in the field of journalism, while Rick is a graphic artist and a web designer among other things.

What Features Will You Find on Joyphul Noize?

Decisions are still being finalized on the features of the magazine, so there may well be more features than those listed here. However, readers will find breaking news along with tour schedules for their favorite artists. Readers will also find insightful interviews with the artists who make the music. There will be insightful articles on where music has been and where music is going, along with glimpses of what goes on behind the scenes. Many of these articles are written by people who have been (or in some cases, still are) in the music business. In addition to covering music that is up to the minute, we will look back at the classic music of the 70s and 80s and update where the artists are today. Also in each issue, we have reviews of all the latest releases, along with our own Joyphul Noize charts as chosen by the readers. Other features include communities where readers can discuss their favorite artists, and there will be annual awards given, as voted by our readers.

Aside from all of that, readers are able to sample the music directly on our site, listening to song clips provided by the artists and labels. (We even have plans to eventually tie the magazine in with a live internet radio station.) Joyphul Noize also provides a gateway to artist websites. Through our sister company, Isaiah 54 Productions, we will be able to design and/or host artist websites at the best rates found anywhere. We can also maintain your website for you if you need that service.

How Do You Get Your Music on Joyphul Noize?

Artists, if you would like to have your music reviewed, have song clips on the site, would like to be interviewed, would like to have a website on the site, or even just want more information or to make suggestions, please contact robert@is54.com. If you need a place to sell your music via download, we can do that for you as well.

Job Opportunities

Joyphul Noize needs staff members with writing experience to write reviews, do interviews and write articles. At the moment it is a ‘labor of love,’ but we hope this will eventually work into a paying proposition. If you are interested please contact robert@is54.com detailing what you would like to do.


(Please note this is just a mock-up. Issue 1 will be different)

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